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Dorter Construction supports customers not only during the sales process but also provides after sales services.

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We work for the best results and develop together with you.

Interior Design

With our experienced interior designers we will create a design package for you that suits your taste and budget.

Heat and Insulation

We will paint and whitewash the walls in your home in a clean, quick and reliable way at a very affordable price.

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In recent years, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, with its clear sea, sunny weather and friendly people, has become an attractive and reliable place for investment in real estate for turkish people and foreigners.

However, there are several factors you have to consider before deciding to buy property in Cyprus.

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Our professional consultants, with special attention, will help you to move in the right direction and make the best choice.

Inspection trips

To provide better service, we organize free inspection trips for our Turkish and foreigner customers. The standard tour includes: transfers from and to the airport,

3 days free accommodation, tours to the cities and projects as well as free consultations from our experts.

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Buying property in North Cyprus

1.A foreigner is only allowed to buy 3 housing units in Cyprus. In this case, foreigner is only allowed to buy 1 villa.

2.If you want to buy more than 3 properties, you need to create an inactive company.

3.At all stages Dorter Construction specialists will assist you in the subsequent procedures required to establish a company…

4.Which region of Northern Cyprus is best to invest in? We will prepare investments plans specially for you.

5.We will ensure that the most suitable properties are selected for you and viewed during the organized tours.

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