Northern Cyprus

We are very lucky to live in one of the most magical and unspoiled islands in the world. As we know this, our vision and goals are based on protecting this beautiful island.

Northern Cyprus

Friendly island

Kendinizi iyi hissedin

Here you will feel free
In this amazing island, where hospitable and always smiling Cypriots live, the evening is the most wonderful times of the day. In Cyprus, dinners are the most important events when you can share your impressions and talk about what happened throughout the day.

There are many different restaurants and cafes waiting for you. Only in these special places, which always welcome everyone with love, you can taste traditional dishes of Northern Cyprus, such as Cypriot meat dishes “Sheftali kebab” and kebab baked in the oven, a variety of “meze” (appetizers), “Ekmek kadayif” (bread pudding), milk pie desert, nut jam and much more.
The Turks have a proverb which reminds that friendship should be long-lasting: “A cup of coffee has forty years sake”. Those who often feel these beautiful words in the smoke of hot coffee and share the endless beauty of North Cyprus in poetry with friends can visit Bellapais Monastery in Kirenia and enjoy Turkish coffee at sunset in front of the magical views of the castle, sea and mountains. You will always remember these moments with a smile…
Then you will discover how time smoothly turns into real happiness and life, when the scarlet rays of the sun slowly envelop the purple veil of the mysterious night over the Mediterranean Sea.

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Feel the Nature

And don’t get enough of exploring!

In Northern Cyprus, which is a historical treasure, there are countless opportunities for those who are interested in history. If you want to leave yourself to the mysterious arms of history and meet the lyrical beauties of ancient times, Northern Cyprus will be your only address. While watching the unique blue of the sea in the palace of Vuni

, the symphony of the wind will carry the mysterious sounds of history to your ears. While the endless tranquility in the Temple of Pigades gives you peace of mind, the “Ancient Ship Wreck” in the museum of Girne Castle and the deep marks on it will impress you very much. The magnificent view of the historical bell towers and mosque minarets stretching as if piercing the sky will appear as the most beautiful examples of ancient and Ottoman architecture and will turn your head. When you reach the bastions of Kantara, Buffavento and St.Hilerion Castles, the mystical feelings you will feel will be proof that you are closer to God. If you want to see how the Salamis Ruins stood with magnificent grandeur in spite of the abrasive power of time and nature; You must attend a concert at the ancient theater. Undoubtedly, you will hear voices or melodies from the past…

The legend of Aphrodite, that was born from the white foams of the sea on the golden shores of Cyprus; Discover how time turned into history here …

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Legends Are Real

Live like legend today!

Undoubtedly, it is no coincidence that the Goddess of Beauty was born on the coast of Cyprus. Because in Aphrodite’s Goddess identity, the rich natural beauty of Cyprus is expressed. You can only see the most insatiable of color and light while living here.

The colors of the nature that changes during the day will always remind you of the beauty of Aphrodite here. It is truly unique with its orchids and pale yellow Lapsana flowers that present themselves as a delicious feast to people’s eyes, especially in spring.

While reaching the seven colors of the rainbow from a raindrop, discover how time turns into light, nature and color there …

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