Northern Cyprus


Friendly Island

You will feel free in North Cyprus

Evening is the most beautiful time of the day on this magnificent island where hospitable and always smiling Cypriots live. Dinners in Cyprus are the most important events where you can share your impressions and talk about what happened during the day.

Feel the Nature

And don’t get tired of exploring!

There are countless opportunities for those interested in history in Northern Cyprus, which is a historical treasure. If you want to immerse yourself in the mysterious arms of history and meet the lyrical beauties of ancient times, your only address will be Northern Cyprus. While watching the unique blue of the sea in Vuni’s palace, the symphony of the wind will carry the mysterious sounds of history to your ears. While the eternal tranquility at the Pigades Temple will give you peace, the “Ancient Ship Wreck” in the Kyrenia Castle museum and the deep traces on it will impress you.

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The Most Aesthetic Examples of History

The most beautiful of the 3 Lusignan castles of Cyprus: st.Hilarion. Bellapais Monastery: It was built by the Lusignans on the slope of the Beşparmak Mountains, east of Kyrenia. You can only finish visiting Kyrenia Castle in one day. Built during the Byzantine period, St. Mamas Church and many other historical places are waiting for you in Cyprus.

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